Upholstery Cleaning Services


Of course, you won’t accept a dull and lustreless upholstered furniture in your home or office. And we also know that it is not possible for you to clean every furniture on a regular basis. So, just forget all your worries about upholstery cleaning, when SoHo Rug Cleaning are there in New York City. We will cut off all your upholstery hassle. We do almost everything, to make your upholstery clean. From shampooing to moisturizing, SoHo upholstery cleaning services NYC use every method to give a new look to your furniture. With refreshing cleaning services, we will deeply clean your furniture.

Why You Need Us?

Do you know that your upholstery pieces contain 80% of dirt particles that can affect the health of your kids. Well, mostly people don’t know this. Additionally, your couch or sofa set also suffer from pet odor & Urine issue. Thus, to remove all the dirt and stains from your expensive upholstery pieces, you require a professional service and the only name of best upholstery cleaning service in New York is “SoHo Rug Cleaning.” We simply want to provide you a healthy environment. We are specialist of upholstery cleaning NYC and can give back the excellence of your furniture. Even, for your wellbeing, organic products are used by our experts. Through these products, we can successfully make your upholstery pieces appearance more glamorous and alluring.

At Soho Rug Cleaning NYC, we can remove the toughest stains from your upholstery, No stain is a challenge whether you just want to freshen up your couch from everyday wear and tear or your couch has a stubborn wine or pet stain we are here for you. We offer a wide array of upholstery cleaning service for all fabric types.


The team will inspect and determine the best cleaning option for your upholstery based on fabric type and condition.

Step 2

budget will be address and suitable cleaning package will be offered

Step 3

You will choose the option that best suits your needs after the technician’s analyzed and offered a few options

Step 4

With our organic upholstery cleaning systems your sofa will be clean and safe once again.

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