Pet Stains & Odor Removal


Do you realize that the most widely recognized reason of floor covering stain is, pets. Pets meandering here and there can accidentally create the toughest stains on your carpet, as sometimes they spoil the carpet with excretion. The toxins and bacteria present in pet stain can damage your expensive rug from inside and also affect the home environment. You do almost every possible thing to get rid of arduous pet stains but do not get success. Here, you do not need to put any of the effort to remove pet stain as we are the expert pet stain cleaners in New York city. We daily cope up with these kinds of stains and make our customers satisfied with our best pet stain removal services NYC.

Well, Don’t Worry! We can help you out in this.

With ultimate services of carpet cleaning NYC, SoHo experts can easily remove all the pet stain from your carpet. Some pet stains are noticed through musty odors while some are not. But, SoHo experts notice all. They use effective organic treatment and ensure you that 99% of pet odor and stains are removed from your home. Our experts know that every rug is unique and a thorough inspection must be done before we will offer this process. In a nutshell, elimination of miserable odors, as well as tough stains is no more a big deal for us.

Once we applied the pet odor and stain removal treatment, approx. 24-36 hours are required to get its effective results. All treated areas get dried in this time period and an aroma of pleasant perfume is spread in your home.

Doesn’t matter how much sturdier the spot is, we only use organic cleaning services.

With our unique Organic Natural fruit extract solutions we are able to penetrate deep into the base of the urine/vomit/stool stain. With this 3 stage pet stain cleaning process which includes our extract process to break down urine enzymes and our organic soaking process, in which we completely wash out any urine residue and trace from deep within the fiber pet stains are no longer a problem. So Call Soho Rug Cleaning today your best choice for Rug Cleaning NYC Service. and get stain free & toxin free.