Oriental & Fine Rug Cleaning


We are gleeful to notify that our company is one of the leading carpets cleaning company in the United States and we have made sure that we acquire the same status for our Oriental rug cleaning services as well. SoHo experts are true professionals, who restore the vibrant and classy look of your oriental rug. We consider our this talent as an “ART.” In a great artistic style, our experts transform the appearance of your rug into a bewitching look. It is our general assumption that your oriental rug is a little bit different from normal rugs, as it is made from high-quality wool. It needs more personal care and proper maintenance. For this, SoHo Rug Cleaning come forward. We follow gentle rug cleaning process to sustain the quality and look of an oriental rug. At SoHo, your oriental rug is effectively cleaned with organic products. Steam cleaning also assists in making a rug stunning and long-lasting.

Generally, oriental rug cleaning is very expensive because of its soft fabric. But, we offer you the professional cleaning of your oriental rug at affordable prices. With a brand new look, your rug will significantly alter the feel of your space.

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