Organic Cleaning Solutions


Everyone wants a spotless carpet cleaning. But, use of chemical product can be harmful for your sensitive carpet. Therefore, we bring you our organic carpet cleaning service. We are one of the local companies of New York that work on organic cleaning products. We offer professional carpet cleaning, stain removing, sanitizing and deodorizing of your carpets and rugs. We just contain the 100% ensured natural cleaning products. These products are sheltered, simple to utilize and more advantageous. No destructive chemicals or dangerous like alkali, synthetics and other harsh substances are available in these products. This practice of organic products increases the durability of carpets. Your home will also be filled up with a pleasant aroma, after using our magnificent organic cleaning products.

SoHo Rug Cleaning has taken its services to the next level just to preserve our environment. These days, we are promoting environment-friendly cleaning services in New York City. The major benefits of our “Organic Carpet Cleaning in NYC” are:-

1. Affordable

As compared to conventional products, organic carpet cleaning products are available at lowest prices. We also use products such as vinegar, olive oil and more, to provide you an effective carpet cleaning result.

2. Improved Air Quality

No pathetic and strong chemical odor is spread in your space. In contrast, you will have a pleasant fragrance in your home environment. This will surely let to a great enhancement in its air quality.

3. Safe Products

Now, the time has gone, when you have to use the toxic cleaning products that can be hazardous to your skin or eyes. Organic cleaning products don’t possess any such issue.

4. Preserve The Environment

It is our initial step to make our environment clean and green. It minimizes the impact of ozone depletion. Each organic product of our company is easy to use and can be recycled.