Drape & Shade Cleaning


Draperies, the perfect window frills that spruce up your room. Both, appealing look and a clean interior environment, is offered by these draperies. So, it’s our responsibility to take care of them. Our drape and shade cleaning is the only solution to sustain their eye-catching appearance. This is the only best way to make them look remarkable. We offer proficient cleaning for draperies. All through the New York City, our cleaning method is simple and advanced.

What’s Unique In Our Service??

At SoHo Rug Cleaning, you no need to worry about the shrinkage or fading issues of your lavish drapes. Our experts take care of everything. We perform professional cleaning of drapes in order to keep them looking new. Our drapery cleaning service removes all the dirt and dust particles from it. Without regular cleaning, dull and grimy look is still present in drapers and make them unappealing. After proper cleaning, useful and effective tips are also offered by our SoHo experts for a flawless look of draperies. At affordable prices, our experts will provide a foremost professional care to you.

We assured you that you will get the outstanding services of cleaning in New York. We only offer the professional, trustworthy and long-lasting services that re-live your drapes and shades.