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Carpet Cleaning NYC

Steam Carpet Cleaning – How Well Do You Understand It?

Pick any reputed carpet cleaning NYC firm and they will have steam carpet cleaning on their menu. There are very few companies that don’t offer this cleaning method among their more preferred and highly advertised ones. This is because it is exploding in popularity not just due to the fact that it is chemical free, but also because it gives incredible results.

As a homeowner what do you want? You want your home to be clean and your carpets to be free of any dust, dirt, grime and bacteria that can cause harm to your family and loved ones. Why risk it when you can have a safer and a highly sound way of cleaning your carpets and to top it all it comes highly recommended by the leading carpet cleaning NYC professionals already.

What Is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning is a very popular method of cleaning and sanitizing your carpets, rugs and upholstery with the use of vaporized water. This is accomplished by heating the water to a temperature where it turns into steam and then heating the vapor to such a degree that it gains more mobility and then when it is applied with a machine onto your carpets and rugs, that’s when the magic begins. The immense heat of the vapor upon meeting the fibers of your rugs and carpets breaks down the dirt and provides a fantastically clean carpet at the end. And then the professional would use dry steam to collect the dirt so accumulated along with other suspended particles and unpleasant debris.

Why Is Steam Cleaning Considered Such A Highly Effective Method Of Carpet Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is an extremely easy concept to understand and of course it has a wide range of benefits. Here, we’ll have a look at just a few of them:

Unmatched Stain And Dirt Removal

The result that you get when hot vapor hits your carpet fibers or rugs is superior in comparison to that of any other method of carpet cleaning. The high temperature of the steam works to clean the fabric by weakening the very bonds of the dirt molecules. The ability of the dirt and staining compounds to hold strong to the fibers is weakened and once that is accomplished, no amount of dirt and stains stay in them. All of it can be easily removed and done away with very quickly. A similar principle works while you wash your clothes in hot water. The vapor is just heated water molecules so you don’t have to worry about it penetrating the deep layers of your carpets and rugs. You don’t have to rub it in like you have to with detergents and shampoos and it doesn’t even cause wicking.

Bacteria Killer at work

It obviously kills all the bacteria and mites in the carpet fibers and this means no more sneezing and allergies among your family members. You know how easy it is for bacteria, mold and fungus, and also pollen and dust mites to find a place of hiding and procreating in your carpets and rugs. They thrive in your carpet fibers and so it becomes very tough for you to completely remove them with conventional cleaning methods. This is where steam cleaning comes in. The heat of the vapor is so extreme that it is even enough to kill spores left behind. So, now you know enough about steam cleaning.

Summer Means Right Time To Get Your Carpets Cleaned

I’m sure you didn’t know that there were any extra health benefits of cleaning your carpets during the summer season. Depending on the kind of weather conditions and the amount of traffic you receive in your home and the heat, humidity, pets and pests, the amount of dust and pollen you have in the air, your carpet cleaning NYC firm will have to come up with a cleaning regime that is ideal for your needs. Not doing this can make a huge impact on your health because it directly affects the air quality in your home. But the good news is that all this can be minimized with regular cleaning of your carpets and rugs.

When you are out there looking for the right carpet cleaning NYC company do you ever consider how much or how hard you snore. Weird question isn’t it? But the answer to it and the relevance of this question will make all the difference in your choice of NYC carpet cleaning firm. Let’s try answering this question instead. Do you see your child’s asthma pick up every now and then? Do you notice how it diminishes over time right after the carpet cleaning New York company you hired leaves your premises? This is because right from vacuuming to washing your carpets and rugs, they are getting your home and fabrics rid of the harmful dust mites and allergens and dirt bit by bit.

Whenever summer approaches, the sun starts to shine brighter and things become much clearer. It is time to break the monotony of the winter and step outside. Don’t be fooled by what your maid said. Your carpet doesn’t “look” dirty, it is dirty. But then this isn’t her job to clean and wash all your carpets unless you hired for this purpose and she very well knows how to operate industrial strength vacuums and cleaners and is well educated about the careful disposal of waste material and complete drying methods used to remove all moisture from your carpets. Phew!

Again, I’ sure she isn’t. So, what keeps you waiting? Summer is here and the bacteria in your carpets and all other soft surfaces such as rugs, upholstery and curtains are slowly becoming active. Yes, the slumber ended not just for you, so do bear in mind that only a professional New York City carpet cleaning company can do the job of keeping your home free of dust, grime and dirt and all air bourn allergies and diseases and infections. Say yes to a dependable NY carpet cleaning company and don’t let allergies and illness dry up your cheer this summer.

Five Myths of Carpet Cleaning

Do you often end up replacing your carpets instead of getting them cleaned? Do you think that availing the services of a New York City carpet cleaning company would be costlier than buying a new carpet? Do you think carpet cleaning is only for the rich and famous in the city because they can actually “afford” it? Well, these are some of the myths associated with carpet cleaning in the city and you are not the only one that believes them to be true.
Here are 5 of the most common myths and misconceptions about New York City carpet cleaning that you just have to stop believing in if you want cleaner and more hygienic carpets and rugs. This is also because if you keep on making these mistakes you may end up reducing the longevity and hampering the beauty of your carpets. So let’s start with:

Dirty Carpet Cleaning NYC

You Should Not Get Your Carpets Cleaned So Often. In Fact, You Should Wait Until Your Carpet Is Completely Dirty and Then Get It Cleaned Once and For All
This is the biggest evil that you could ever put your carpets through. Dirt is abrasive and over time it also causes discoloration because if left unattended it will find the permanent place in the fibers of your carpet. Dry dirt and grime are like sandpaper and every time you step on your carpet it will grind against the carpet fibers, which causes cuts, breaking of fibers, and more wear and tear than usual. Leading New York carpet cleaning experts say that a dirty carpet will never last long. You may also think that vacuuming it on a regular basis will get rid of the problem forever but it only helps so much. This is not going to be enough if you want your carpets to be by your side for years. The longer you wait to get your rugs, upholstery, carpets cleaned, the more damage you are causing them.

Myth #2:
All That New York City Carpet Cleaning Companies Do Is Clean Your Carpets of Dirt and Nothing Else
The air that surrounds us does not only contain dirt and dust but also bacteria, fungus, pollen, air pollution, cigarette smoke, and other fumes and car exhaust and a lot more. As we enter our home after a long day out we bring all this in with us on our skin, clothes, and shoes. These pollutants get transferred from us to our carpets and upholstery and curtains very easily and are enough to make us and our loved ones very ill. Regular carpet and upholstery cleaning does not only get rid of this dirt but all these harmful elements for you, thus making your home much safer and healthier.

Myth #3:
All New York City Carpet Cleaning Methods Are Similar
You could not be further away from the truth because there are numerous ways to clean your carpets including encapsulation, bonnet, and dry foam, and also hot water extraction.

carpet cleaning in New York Clity

Myth #4:
Having the Right Equipment Is Of Paramount Importance and Nothing Else
This is true up to a limit but just having all the right equipment is not the only thing a company needs to clean your carpets properly. Their education, skills, certification and experience matter a lot as well if you want to get the job done properly.

Myth #5:
You Should Hire a New York City Carpet Cleaning Company That Offers Services At The Lowest Price
Remember, you get what you pay for and this applies to the carpet cleaning services in the city as well. Not everything that has a high price tag is going to be effective and not everything that is affordable is going to be the one for you. So, the last thing that you want is to go solely by the price they quote. Confusing? Well, who said carpet cleaning was easy?

Why Are Organic Cleaning Solution Preferred More For Carpet Cleaning?

Today, the impact of chemicals is affecting our nature and our health also. We see our surroundings are tied in the cage of chemical impact. Whatever we eat, drink, wear etc., everything is made up of items where the chemical quantity is at high scale. The smoke comes out of the vehicles and factories, is also a mixture toxic chemical which gets added in our air we use to take the breath. But now we are getting aware especially in the united states, as we are stepping forward to adopt organic products, whether it is food or other items. Here, if we talk about our cleaning products, even here we are going for organic solutions, for example, the carpet cleaning services in NYC are mainly focused on using organic solutions to make their client’s carpets clean and spotless.

carpet cleaning NYC

In case, they feel any issue in using organic products like sometimes, the stains are quite stubborn and they do not get escaped with organic solutions, then they add some mild chemicals in organic solutions to increase the intensity of the washing solution. But these solutions make your carpets cleaned in a way that it does not get affected like the quality and the color remains same as they were new. It can only happen if we go for carpet cleaning NYC, as we can find experts cleaners there, which are trained in a way so that they could cope up with any kind of dirt and spots.

The organic solutions are made up of natural ingredients, which hit only dirt and spots. They keep the carpet color and quality safe, as they were new. These solutions rejuvenate the carpet and rugs. They increase the longevity of the carpets because they do not harm the carpet hair and let them breathe freely. These organic products are used mainly by the professional carpet cleaning New York City.

These products do not leave any bad effect, as they are safe for the environment and for the health of children etc. because children start playing on the carpets so if these carpets will be washed by these organic solutions, then there is no need to be worried about our children’s health. In total, we get the profit only. So these are the reasons why organic solutions are preferred more as compared to chemical products to make carpets clean and spotless.