Best Rug Cleaning Service in NYC to make Your House and Office Clean

Whenever you enter your living room and no longer find it appealing? It must be your dirty, old carpet. So, what should you do about it? Come to Soho Rugs Cleaning! We are an elite carpet and rug cleaning firm since 2004. Our aim is to complete all commercial and residential cleaning needs. A dirty rug can be cause of numerous health cautions because of all the dust and dirt it can trap. A clean and spotless rug would ensure a healthy and homely environment. This is why we are here, to give you the high-quality services from rug cleaning to upholstery polishing at the best prices. As we are local to New York, we know all the needs for every New Yorker’s carpets.

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To get to know us better, we are very transparent about our services. So now, let me tell you about our process. We first inspect the carpet hassles, understand the problems, and then look for possible desired outcomes. Then we dust and clean all the dirt particles. Dust particles can alter the texture of your carpet by making it look crusty and grim. All corners of the carpet are cleaned to make it dust-free. To clean the carpet, we use advanced technology and tools like steam cleaning. Then we dry the carpet and remove all the excessive water. This is a long process and can take about 5-8 hours depending on factors like fabric, weather and more. We touch up your rug and try to retain its color, appearance, and durability. And lastly, we deliver your newly cleaned rug to you!

Our aim is to work beyond our customer’s expectations and give them the professional, experienced, and certified company they deserve. One step of getting closer to our aim is also by promoting “Go Green” campaign. We use organic products in all our cleaning services making us environmentally conscious for all our New Yorkers. With our sensible costs and reliable service, we give you a secure and healthy cleaning. This means that the use of organic cleaning processes will make sure to leave no toxic products in your house. These are infant and pet friendly services.

We will live up to your taste and leave you lingering from our smooth and immaculate carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning. Get in touch with us to experience the best rug cleaning services in New York.