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Best Way of Protecting Your Carpets From Water Damage

Often unexpected flooding and plumbing leaks can result in harmful mold growth on and underneath your carpets. Your flooring gets damaged and even the rooms get filled with a foul smell. If you are thinking about hiring a dependable professional carpet cleaning company in New York City make sure that they can get rid of all the water and the damage that it can cause if left untreated for a while. There are numerous homeowners in New York City who struggle with water seepage because even a small amount of water finding a way into their homes is enough to ruin their flooring and carpets. This is because there are no or little outlets for the water to get out.

However, a reputed professional carpet cleaning company in New York City will be able to find the source of flooding and broken pipes and also should be able to suggest measures to get rid of the problem. Coming to the carpets and rugs in your home, you must be concerned about mold especially if the water found its way to your basement. This is the stuff of nightmares because all it needs is a dark room and a little moisture.

water damage cleaning NYC

Professional carpet cleaning companies in NY understand just how quickly mold can grow onto your furniture and expensive carpets and upholstery. The situation that we have at hand is a warm, dark and humid one and in this kind of environment in which mold and mildew thrive, cleaning your carpet all by yourself is even more difficult. But because you have already come to the professionals for help, they will start by:

  1. Removing All The Water As Quickly As Possible

They will use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to get rid of as much water as they can and as soon as possible. These machines effectively remove the water so that you can prevent any further damage to your carpets.

  1. Turning On Fans To Speed Up The Drying Process

Mind it this can take up to a few or maybe several days to happen. Your fans will eventually dry up the water-damaged area or the carpet once you have gotten rid of the water. As fresh air circulates the moisture trapped in your carpets and flooring will dry up leaving for more room for improvement and less for mold.

  1. Using A Dehumidifier

These machines are very reliable as they work to remove excess moisture from the air. This makes the air cooler and prevents mold and mildew growth. Dehumidifiers will help dry out the air and your basement floor.

  1. Steam Cleaning Your Carpet And Flooring

We tend to underestimate just how effective steam cleaning is. This process takes care of all kinds of carpets and you can use them to properly sanitize and deodorize them.

  1. Sanitizing Walls And Furniture

Remember, anything that was touched by rain or seeping water should be well sanitized. The professional carpet cleaning experts you hired would also know how to clean your walls and other hard-surfaces and floor of all the residue of mold and mildew.

Simple Steps To Remove Paint Stains From Carpet

Everybody wants cleaner carpets. NYC has some of the best professional organic carpet cleaning companies for the purpose. They make your life very much easier when it comes to cleaning your precious rugs and upholstery as well. This is because a professional understands the kind of stains that we have to deal with on a daily basis. Some of those stubborn spills include paints.

Yes, paint stains can be water-based or oil-based. Water-based paints include acrylic, latex paint, and finger paints and oil-based paints include enamel colors, art oils or model craft paints, even some crayons, and pastels. Any professional organic carpet cleaning company in NYC would suggest you to follow these steps in order to successfully remove these paints from your carpets before they dry up.


Remember, it’s going to be a bit more difficult to remove paint stains from your carpet than it is to remove any other stain because it can spread easily. So, the key is to act fast and this is how:

Start by picking up all the paint using a dull knife. You can also use the edge of a credit card or a wooden spatula or a spoon to lift any and all excess paint from the carpet fibers.

Then grab a clean, wet paper towel or a cotton cloth (preferably white in color) to blot out all the color. Remember NO RUBBING away the remaining paint because it will just push the stain deeper into its fibers.

Keep moving to a cleaner area of the towel or cloth while blotting up the paint and don’t stop until you see your carpet regaining its original color or at least coming close to it.

For those thick paint drips that go unnoticed many times and dry up while we are out shopping, you can simply mix some hot water and a bit of your favorite laundry or dish detergent and make a solution. Leading professional organic carpet cleaning companies in NYC would advise you to let this mixture stay for at least 10 minutes after having applied it to the stained area. This will soften the paint and then you can just scrape it away and blot it later with a clean cloth.

Clean And Fresh – Carpets That Impress

Won’t it be super easy if your carpets cleaned themselves? In your dreams yes, but in reality you have to make sure that they are clean and fresh and always impressive in front of your friends and guests. You can always rely on professional carpet cleaning NYC companies for keeping them in top notch condition. But there are certain things that even you can do to make sure they are clean and odorless at all times.

Use Baking Soda

If you have pets or someone in your home who smokes a lot, then baking soda is for you. It’s been ages that you are trying to deal with the odd smell of pet urine and now it’s high time you did something about it. Take out your baking soda and get rid of that entire foul odor that has been accumulating in your beautiful carpets for years.

Clean And Fresh Carpet NYC

Baking soda is practically magical when it comes to eradicating bad odors because it easily absorbs excess moisture and also traps the unpleasant smells in its particles. Start by sprinkling generous amounts of it on your carpet or its affected area(s). Now just be patient and make sure that the fibers of the carpet absorb all the soda particles. You can let it remain for a few hours or even act overnight in case the odor is too much for you to handle. The next step is to vacuum clean your carpet. This will not only get rid of all the baking soda but also the odor that it has succeeded in trapping. Given the intensity of the odor and the level of grime in your carpets you can even repeat the procedure more than once.

You Want A More Unique And Fragrant Version Of The Same Carpet Cleaning And Deodorizing Regime?

A lot of professional carpet cleaning experts in NYC would suggest you to use essential oils. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the baking soda, then mix well and perform the same procedure. You carpets will be as fragrant as a meadow!

Keeping Your Carpets As Good As New

What are you willing to do to retain the beauty of your carpets? Using organic carpet cleaning methods is one thing but what about the time when you have to move beyond it? Can you always afford to remain stuck in corrective measures? It is time for some preventive action and you can start with:

Removing Furniture Indentations

Whenever you are about to rearrange your furniture, there is only one thing on your mind, indentations. Worse happens when you are swapping a new piece for an old one. Your carpets look even more worn out and old especially when the new furniture isn’t exactly the same size as the old one. But you can get rid of those indentations before they get bigger and more visible without any chemical compounds. To be fair it is not exactly an organic carpet cleaning regime either. Pick an ice cube and place it in the indentation and once it has melted all the way you can brush the carpet fibers with your fingers. Do not use a hard scrub brush as this can be too abrasive on its fibers. You can finish the process by vacuuming the affected area and once the carpet is completely dry you no longer have to keep your furniture chained to a single spot.

Pet Stains & Odor Removal Service

Eliminating Pet Odors

There are many families in NYC who seek reprieve from pet odors and hair trapped in their carpets. This problem is not new and the best way to get rid of it is to employ organic carpet cleaning methods. You must have used baking soda to absorb all pet and urine odors from your carpets. It is a tip as old as time itself and it is quite effective as well. Another thing that you can try is using essential oils for removing odors and smells of all kinds from your carpets. Many residents in NYC opt for this method of carpet cleaning and end their organic regime by spreading a mixture of baking soda and essential oils on their carpets and then vacuuming them for best results.

Day in Grease – A Carpet Cleaning Story

When we think or talk about grease and oil stains we are repelled. We run away from them and for some reason, we just can’t wrap our head around the thought of cleaning them up on our own. This is because these are some of the toughest stains to remove. You think only professional carpet cleaning companies can tackle them. Well, you’re right but there are certain things that even you can do to make sure that your beautiful carpets and rugs are not ruined by oil and grease stains for good.

Some of your carpets and rugs and area mats are washable and this is your first hint. The primary key to grease and oil removal from any fabric is to use a good brand of enzyme-based detergent. You can also opt for stain removers that are easily available in the market these days and make sure to use water at the hottest temperature. But just not hot enough to damage the fabric.

Spooning Your Carpet – The Initial Treatment

Pun intended but wouldn’t you like to do it to your precious Persian carpets and Indian rugs that your son bought with all the love in the world for you? We can come back to that later but it is time to begin the carpet cleaning process by first of all removing all the grease and oil solids from your carpet. You can use the edge of a dull knife, a wooden spatula or a spoon for the purpose. DO NOT think that rubbing the oil and grease stain with a clean paper towel is a smart move.

In fact, it is going to further the damage by only pushing the grease deeper into its fibers. If the oily or greasy substance is a liquid, you should make sure to BLOT the entire thing with some plain dry tissues or white paper towels. If there is too much of it on your carpet, a professional carpet cleaning company in NYC would suggest you to sprinkle a bit of talcum powder or cornstarch on the affected area to absorb the grease. Leave it for at least 15 minutes and then carefully brush away the dry residue. Stay tuned for when we tell you what to do after you have removed all the grease and oil from your carpets you possibly could.

2 Common Carpet Cleaning Solutions Found At Home

Carpet cleaning is usually not so difficult a task as we make it out to be. It is as simple as calling an expert and reputed company in NYC and just handing them over the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining your carpets and rugs in the most professional manner. Most families go for contemporary carpet cleaning NYC solutions and this blog shows how simple and effective they are in the long run provided you are not allergic or sensitive to mild chemicals. Your carpets, mats, upholstery and area mats can be cleaned thoroughly without any hassles or residue in no time and you get a clean and hygienic home sooner than you think.

You will notice that most of the time any and almost all first aid cleaning solutions for your carpets are readily available in your home. If you are careful enough and pay attention to these ingredients, you can very well create your very own monthly carpet cleaning regime that when applied right away can give you amazing results. You can get rid of any stubborn spills that ruin your carpet fibers. Here are some options for detergent and/or mild chemical-based solutions that might be the perfect match for your requirements:

Detergent Solution

The most common of all is a simple washing powder solution. You can mix and stir either 1 tbsp clear dishwashing liquid or bubbly washing powder with 500 ml of warm water. You can then directly apply this to the spot on the carpet, rub gently yet thoroughly and wipe it clean with a damp cotton cloth. Don’t forget to use enough water to rinse and blot the carpet dry.

Ammonia Mixture

If you are not allergic or sensitive to ammonia, this is the right way to go for you. Start by mixing clear home grade ammonia in about 100 ml of water. Apply this liquid onto the soiled area and neutralize it with a solution of vinegar. Now rinse your carpet well and let it dry completely.

Why Should You Vacuum Your Carpet Before Cleaning It?

Is this the first time you called professional carpet cleaners to your home? Or is it the very first time that you have ever owned an expensive carpet that needs professional cleaning? Either way, the question is should you vacuum your carpet first?

Now this is something that lurks in the minds of many residents in NYC. Should their carpets or rugs be vacuumed beforehand? Should they do it themselves so that their cleaning process goes faster or should they just wait for the professionals to arrive and let them do everything? Well, it is a matter of personal choice really and also vacuuming it yourself might save you some money (in some cases).

Carpet Cleaning NYC

You would also think that the professional carpet cleaning men who would arrive at your place will eventually clean and wash those rugs with a steam cleaner or washer; so why waste time on vacuuming? Isn’t vacuuming the carpet first going to be a waste of time? The equipment with professionals is powerful enough to pull back all the grime and dirty water. Should they not be able to cope with all of that along with the cleaning process?

The answer is yes and no! Confused? Don’t be because as you vacuum the carpet thoroughly before cleaning it with a steam carpet washer or cleaner, all the dry dirt and loose dust particles and any gravel or sand that is trapped in the fibres get removed. This means that when your professional carpet cleaning crew actually washes the carpets and rugs, they will save more time. Vacuuming significantly reduces the need for rinsing after the actual wash.

Struggling With Carpet Fibers?

Vacuuming before the actual carpet wash or steam cleaning will also fluff away all loose carpet fibers. This helps in getting rid of any dirt stuck deep down in your expensive carpets and rugs as well. This will also make the entire carpet washing process more effective and much faster. Long story short, you can choose to vacuum the carpet on your own before professional help arrives. It will just save you more time and of course like I said, in some cases, more money.

4 Things That Make Cleaning Important

Your oriental carpet is one of your most prizes possessions and you take care of it like your own child. Well, not exactly like your own child but let’s face it, the amount that you have invested in it can compete with a king’s ransom and if you take special measures to clean it, it is well justified.
A typical homeowner or entrepreneur in NYC expect a little orderliness and cleanliness. Yes, when you are living in a city that is internationally popular for its faster than light lifestyle and buzzing pulse, it becomes the only respite that one can seek. Why so, let’s read on to find out:

1. Fight Against Health Hazards
Not many of us know that carpet cleaning companies of New York play an important part in the fight against health risks. Jam packed in our busy schedule we often do not get time to live. But if you ensure regular treatment of your carpets you can prevent airborne pollutants and allergens from turning into a serious problem and further complicating your life. People with respiratory conditions such as asthma, or individuals highly sensitive to allergies can easily be found either at your home or at your workplace. They are susceptible to dust, mites and pet dander which usually get accumulated in your expensive oriental or designer carpets. Thus, enter Carpet Cleaning NYC experts.

importance of Carpet Cleaning

2. Skill Of The Carpet Cleaning Company
What you need is a skilled cleaning technician that can rid your home and office of dust, allergens, and contaminants, making the air around you and your family and staff members safer to breathe. Some reputed and certified carpet cleaning companies in New York often offer multiple services such as treatment of upholstery, mold removal, fire or water damage restoration and the like.

3. Restoring The Beauty Of The Carpet
When it comes to choosing the right carpet cleaning service for your home or office, do look for experts who can not only remove the stains that are hard to get rid of but can also restore the original beauty and feel of your expensive carpets and upholstery. This can be ensured only by hiring certified technicians who have been working in the industry for quite a long time.

4. Following Best Practices
Remember, every certified carpet cleaning company in NYC functions to uphold some norms and standards while providing you with their service. There are standard practices that dictate the most efficient and safest methods of soil and dirt extraction, its suspension and removal from the premises and eventually grooming and drying of your carpets. Your ideal choice would be the company that makes sure all these standard practices are followed to the “T” and are never deviated from in any case.

Why is it Essential to Preserve your Carpets and Rug Clean?

Presently carpet has become a standard part of every home. It makes you feel special and shows your living standard. Theses items in the living room create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home. But there is also a problem these items captured more soil and dirt so carpets and rugs have required deep cleaning.

One of the most topmost reason that carpet or rug attracts more dirt and stain. We all know that a dirty carpet or rug spoiled a home environment very badly. Even in the cleanest homes has also particulate dirt, and dust will always appear in all around where people and animals live. When you able to abolish what can be seen by vacuuming and dusting, there will still be the matter that makes its way into the fabrics and carpet, contributing to and even causing chronic allergies. If your family member has the allergic problem then they can face danger. The family already have an allergy to dust mites or pet dander. So we should clean our carpet or rug thoroughly it will help to kill dust mites and other allergens.

Carpet Cleaning NYC

Carpets and rug may also need to be cleaned when they have become stained. If you have pets or children, then you must have needed to clean your carpet or rug. Professional carpet cleaning NYC not only clean your stained carpet but also increase the lifespan of carpet.

Benefits of Proper Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Proper and regular cleaning by using the extraction method can increase the life of carpets. It also protects your floor covering investment.
  • It also improves indoor air quality because carpets trap airborne pollutants. So it must be removed by using professional cleaning services.
  • It removes spots and stains. As you know spots and stains can attract more soiling. Removing them instantly protects carpet from big damage.
  • It prevents growing of allergens and bacteria. Soiling carpet makes a reason for building a lot of unhealthy contaminants.
  • It also helps in making carpet like a new clean and fresh.

So, if you want to get a clean and healthy environment then use professional hands for cleaning. They also good for the longevity of the carpet.

Why Are Organic Cleaning Solution Preferred More For Carpet Cleaning?

Today, the impact of chemicals is affecting our nature and our health also. We see our surroundings are tied in the cage of chemical impact. Whatever we eat, drink, wear etc., everything is made up of items where the chemical quantity is at high scale. The smoke comes out of the vehicles and factories, is also a mixture toxic chemical which gets added in our air we use to take the breath. But now we are getting aware especially in the united states, as we are stepping forward to adopt organic products, whether it is food or other items. Here, if we talk about our cleaning products, even here we are going for organic solutions, for example, the carpet cleaning services in NYC are mainly focused on using organic solutions to make their client’s carpets clean and spotless.

carpet cleaning NYC

In case, they feel any issue in using organic products like sometimes, the stains are quite stubborn and they do not get escaped with organic solutions, then they add some mild chemicals in organic solutions to increase the intensity of the washing solution. But these solutions make your carpets cleaned in a way that it does not get affected like the quality and the color remains same as they were new. It can only happen if we go for carpet cleaning NYC, as we can find experts cleaners there, which are trained in a way so that they could cope up with any kind of dirt and spots.

The organic solutions are made up of natural ingredients, which hit only dirt and spots. They keep the carpet color and quality safe, as they were new. These solutions rejuvenate the carpet and rugs. They increase the longevity of the carpets because they do not harm the carpet hair and let them breathe freely. These organic products are used mainly by the professional carpet cleaning New York City.

These products do not leave any bad effect, as they are safe for the environment and for the health of children etc. because children start playing on the carpets so if these carpets will be washed by these organic solutions, then there is no need to be worried about our children’s health. In total, we get the profit only. So these are the reasons why organic solutions are preferred more as compared to chemical products to make carpets clean and spotless.