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Important Tips About Cleaning Your Rugs And Carpets

Dirt acts like hundreds of blades that can ruin and destroy the carpet fibers. No matter if you have installed the new carpets or are having rugs for a very long time, taking its proper care is a necessity. The better you will keep the carpets clean and fresh, the more they will survive.

Now the question comes of what things should be kept in mind to keep the home or commercial carpets clean and new for a long time. Let us take you on a tour to some important carpet cleaning tips that will surely increase their longevity and save your investment as well. Let’s get started then.

1. Begin No Shoe Rule

The main source for dirt to enter the house is the shoes. Shoes and slippers are the biggest enemies of rugs and carpets as it carries a huge amount of dirt and dust from outside. It does not matter that you have doormat or not if your guests or kids are entering the house with their shoes and slippers on. Here, the safest rule can be getting off the shoes before entering the home. As it is not only the dirt that will damage the carpet fibers but the hard surfaces of shoes can also cause wear and tear.

2. Vacuum Regularly

Regular vacuuming is the most important tip to be executed every other day to increase the longevity of carpets. So, depending on the everyday traffic, execute vacuuming of carpets to eliminate all the dust and dirt from the carpets.

3. Deal With Stains Immediately

It is always advised to address spills and stains immediately. The longer the stain will remain unaddressed, the harder it will be to get rid of afterward further ruining the carpet fabric. But ensure you do not rub the carpet as it can spread the stain more making it difficult to clean afterward.

Besides all this, no matter how much proper care you take of the carpets, getting them professionally cleaned twice every year is the need. You can try the home remedies to do on your own but employing the quality services of rug cleaning in NYC would be the ideal choice. So, if you are looking for such professionals who can handle all the carpet hassles effectively and at affordable prices then visit us at Soho Rug Cleaners. Get in contact today for more info. All the Best!

Tips To Keep Your Rugs Smelling Fresh

Having clean carpets at home makes a huge difference in home aesthetics and overall appearance. Obviously, when your carpets are clean and fresh then your whole home looks hygienic making it a quite breathy ambience.

So, if you also own carpets at your home and looking for the tips or suggestions for how you can keep your rugs smelling fresh and deodorized all the time then these shared below hacks are for you. Let’s get started.

1. Deep Clean The Carpets

No other hack can beat the proper, professional, and deep carpet cleaning twice a year when it is about retaining the longevity of carpets and keeping them clean and fresh. It is always suggested that instead of waiting for your carpets to become dirty and dingy, get them professionally cleaned after every six months. You can employ the pros of rug cleaning in NYC for a better finish but remember, regular cleaning should not be neglected even.

2. Vacuum Regularly

Regular vacuuming of carpets is the simplest and best solution to retain the cleanliness and freshness of your carpets. Vacuuming them every alternate day picks up all the dust and dirt further keeping it safe from getting trodden.

3. Add Carpet Protection

Carpet protection like doormats is a great source of keeping the dirt and dust outside the house. Obviously, the rugs and carpets will still require proper maintenance but keeping the things under control can be done by keeping the dust particles outside as much as possible.

4. Ditch the Shoes

Do you and your family members follow the rule of ditching the shoes outside the house? If not then you should encourage this rule and make every family member and guest do this. Roaming in the house with shoes on can spread a lot of dirt on the carpets and can make your floors messy as well. So, ensure you get this rule implemented in your home to keep the carpets as much safe as possible.

Carpets are one of the main decorating elements of the homes and its cleanliness can create a huge difference in making the house looking beautiful and not dingy at all. However, if you are looking for pros of rug cleaning in NYC then visit us at Soho Rug Cleaners where all the expert cleaners possess the skills, experience, and equipment to deal with very carpet hassle.

Professional Rug Cleaning: Tips For A Long Lasting Rugs

Obviously, carpets are really very big investment and retaining their longevity is quite difficult. But there comes a time when they get replaced and reasons can be anything – be it tear or wear, dull appearance or remodeling of the home.

Rug Cleaning Services

So, if you are also the one who wants to retain the expensive home carpeting fresh and new look for a long time then these tips are for you. These shared below hacks are vital to be followed to save your huge investment. Let’s get started then.

1. Keep The Dust And Debris Outside

In many cultures, the shoes and slippers are taken outside the house which is also helpful in keeping the carpets free of dust particles. However, if you don’t want to get off the shoes outside then you can cut down the entrance of dirt and dust using the doormats. You may not realize it earlier but dirt and other allergens accumulated in the carpets can lead to wear and tear. So, ensure getting off all the sources of dirt entering the house outside only so that carpets don’t look dirty or dull.

2. Vacuum Rugs Regularly

You might be aware of how important it is to regularly clean and vacuum the carpets. Executing this procedure every alternate day is vital and beneficial in removing as much as possible dirt and grime from the carpet fibers and making them look fresh and clean all the time.

3. Clean Stains Immediately

You will easily find carpets with a guarantee of stain-free experience. But is it really so? Any type of stain on rugs when they are left untreated can lead to a harsh and daunting spot ruining the carpet’s look. So, always ensure you eliminate the food or drinks spills immediately so that it won’t affect the fibers in any manner.

So, these are some of the hacks that can help you keep your rugs clean and fresh for a long time. However, you can’t skip the professional services of rug cleaning in NYC as it is vital to save the carpet fibers from the effects of harmful chemicals and allergens. You can visit us at Soho Rug Cleaners where every possible technique and tool is implemented to deal with rugs hassles.

Mistakes To Avoid During Rug Cleaning

Employing professional carpet cleaning services is one of the best solutions to get the carpets deep cleaned. We all know that equipment and cleaning products can be rented from the market but what about quality cleaning. How the quality cleaning of carpets can be achieved to increase the longevity of carpets. Yes, the well-trained and equipped pros of rug cleaning in NYC can do it all for you without any damage.

But cleaning the rugs and carpets on your own is also necessary. So, to keep the efforts in place and carpets in good condition, here below are shared some mistakes that can cause damage to your carpet fibers and you need to avoid them.   

1. Using Harsh And Chemical-Based Products

Obviously, all the stains and spots can’t be removed only just by dabbing it. Most of the time, you will need to pick the cleaning products to eliminate those pesky spots and stains. But the safety of carpet fibers is vital so choosing the eco-friendly and less harmful cleaning products comes the need. As the use of wrong or more chemical-based products can lead to discoloration or other negative effects. 

2. Leaving Spills Unaddressed

The carpet fibers are like little roots of plants, waiting for water to soak up and give itself a life. These fibers when soaking up the elements like nail polish, drinks, spills or pet stains can totally ruin the carpets further making it difficult to get rid of these. So, whenever you find the spills or stains taking place on carpets then address them as soon as possible. 

3. Poor Maintenance

Poor maintenance is one of the common and biggest mistakes that many homeowners make. Maintenance simply means regular vacuuming and cleaning of carpets and taking good care of them. If you don’t clean the carpets regularly then chances of dirt and dust accumulation increase which further damages both the carpets as well as the home environment. So, make vacuuming and regular cleaning of carpets the part of your daily home cleaning routine.  

Besides all this, not getting the carpets professionally treated twice every year is one of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make. So, if looking for the best service providers of rug cleaning in NYC then visit us at Soho Rug Cleaners where all the skilled technicians strive to provide 100% organic carpet cleaning services.

Prepare Your Home For Winter With Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Being a homeowner is not an easy task as its cleanliness and maintenance are vital. Cleaning those dirty carpets and dusty upholstery is a time-consuming and frustrating job. Carpets are a huge investment that is more prone to traffic and requires the utmost care. All the dust, dirt and bacteria get accumulated in the carpet’s fibers which become daunting to eliminate. Further, this leads to great health risks especially to kids and senior citizens at home.

So, it is very important to get the carpets and rugs cleaned properly to let your family enjoy healthily and survive in a clean and fresh home environment. Here below are shared some steps of how you can prepare your home for winters by cleaning your rugs and carpets.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming the carpets regularly or every alternate day is necessary. This is so because the dirt and dust pollutants get accumulated easily in the fibers and regular cleaning helps in eliminating all these particles without damaging the carpet fibers. Further, regular cleaning also prevents mold growth and lowers health concerns as well.  

Treat Stains And Spots Immediately

Every home with kids or pets is prone to spills, spots and stains for sure. And leaving such spots and stains unaddressed for a long time can damage the carpet fibers. So, ensure you immediately treat such hassles so that your carpets are safe and make use of eco-friendly cleaning products so it does not affect your home environment in any manner. 

Professional Cleaning Services

All the professional service providers of carpet cleaning in NYC acquire the knowledge, skills, and equipment. They make use of green cleaning products to increase the longevity and durability of carpets. Also, hiring the professional carpet cleaners means you need not make efforts and invest your time in cleanliness and can invest the same in doing other important tasks.

However, no matter you vacuum or clean your carpets regularly, getting them professionally cleaned every 6-12 months is very significant. As the deep cleaning increases its longevity, durability, and keep you safe from making such huge investment again. However, you can also visit us at Soho Rug Cleaners where organic cleaning services are offered keeping the safety of carpets and health of the family in mind.