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Carpet Cleaning NYC

Steam Carpet Cleaning – How Well Do You Understand It?

Pick any reputed carpet cleaning NYC firm and they will have steam carpet cleaning on their menu. There are very few companies that don’t offer this cleaning method among their more preferred and highly advertised ones. This is because it is exploding in popularity not just due to the fact that it is chemical free, but also because it gives incredible results.

As a homeowner what do you want? You want your home to be clean and your carpets to be free of any dust, dirt, grime and bacteria that can cause harm to your family and loved ones. Why risk it when you can have a safer and a highly sound way of cleaning your carpets and to top it all it comes highly recommended by the leading carpet cleaning NYC professionals already.

What Is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning is a very popular method of cleaning and sanitizing your carpets, rugs and upholstery with the use of vaporized water. This is accomplished by heating the water to a temperature where it turns into steam and then heating the vapor to such a degree that it gains more mobility and then when it is applied with a machine onto your carpets and rugs, that’s when the magic begins. The immense heat of the vapor upon meeting the fibers of your rugs and carpets breaks down the dirt and provides a fantastically clean carpet at the end. And then the professional would use dry steam to collect the dirt so accumulated along with other suspended particles and unpleasant debris.

Why Is Steam Cleaning Considered Such A Highly Effective Method Of Carpet Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is an extremely easy concept to understand and of course it has a wide range of benefits. Here, we’ll have a look at just a few of them:

Unmatched Stain And Dirt Removal

The result that you get when hot vapor hits your carpet fibers or rugs is superior in comparison to that of any other method of carpet cleaning. The high temperature of the steam works to clean the fabric by weakening the very bonds of the dirt molecules. The ability of the dirt and staining compounds to hold strong to the fibers is weakened and once that is accomplished, no amount of dirt and stains stay in them. All of it can be easily removed and done away with very quickly. A similar principle works while you wash your clothes in hot water. The vapor is just heated water molecules so you don’t have to worry about it penetrating the deep layers of your carpets and rugs. You don’t have to rub it in like you have to with detergents and shampoos and it doesn’t even cause wicking.

Bacteria Killer at work

It obviously kills all the bacteria and mites in the carpet fibers and this means no more sneezing and allergies among your family members. You know how easy it is for bacteria, mold and fungus, and also pollen and dust mites to find a place of hiding and procreating in your carpets and rugs. They thrive in your carpet fibers and so it becomes very tough for you to completely remove them with conventional cleaning methods. This is where steam cleaning comes in. The heat of the vapor is so extreme that it is even enough to kill spores left behind. So, now you know enough about steam cleaning.

How To Choose The Best Carpet Cleaning Company And Save Money

If you are having carpet in your entire house, it is necessary that you should work on its care and maintenance. After all, carpets and rugs are one of the heavy investments you make at your home. Every homeowner who tries to find an effective Carpet Cleaning in NYC needs a carpet which is shining and clean. Though the regular cleaning of carpets is necessary for ensuring good health and hygiene but still, it gets tough at times due to a heavy sum of money involved with hiring cleaning services. In the next few minutes, we will be discussing some effective tips and tricks which are necessary for choosing the best company and saving money on them.

Carpet cleaning is very important for not only maintaining the outer appearance of the home but also maintaining the health. Moreover, the regular deposition of dirt and dust at home leads to the immediate need for rug cleaning in NYC. but before you proceed with hiring some carpet cleaning company, it is necessary to aim for the trust and reliability factor.

Thus, before you hire any carpet cleaning company the first thing which you should do is to check their reviews and ratings. Doing this can help you find a business which can be trusted for its services as well as quality. Also, you should inquire in detail about the process and equipment used in cleaning for finding the best option which is perfect for your home. Last but not the least, you have to be very particular about the quoted price for the service to ensure that the services which you hire are perfect for your budget.

Also, the carpet cleaning company you choose must have a skilled staff which is capable of dealing with mold, bugs, and bacteria to improve indoor air quality and carpet appearance of the rooms. If you are looking for some save on money, then you must feel free to ask about them as a good level of communication can really make a difference to the final price you have to pay for the services.

You can also try to keep your carpet clean before the next cleaning session from the professionals to avoid the charges which you may have to pay for over stained or dirty carpets. Also, a great way to avail the discount on the prices is to compare the offers of different carpet cleaning companies. There are also some services which can charge you less for cleaning high traffic areas especially living rooms due to less furniture to move. So, as a customer, you should stay aware of all the possible points which can help you get the discounts.

By working on all of the above ideas, you can easily hunt for a carpet cleaning company which can suit your budget and give your home a clean and fresh look. Moreover, it is also effective as you don’t have to invest in hefty money for replacing the carpets after a few years due to their shiny appearance after cleaning session from professional.

Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning In New York

People generally have many thoughts in their mind when it comes to hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. To them, it is a just an easy job which can be done by using the vacuum cleaner. Even if you start to collect all the necessary equipment which is required for the cleaning job by renting it or buying it, you cannot get happy because the quality is something which cannot be achieved without expertise.

Yes, it is the truth that a well maintained and managed carpet is easy to care at your end but you always need a professional assistance at some time. However, you cannot determine that what kind of carpet cleaning job would be good for your carpet because there are different products and equipment that are required for a different type of material.

new york rug cleaning

When you approach a professional carpet cleaning company like Soho Rug Cleaning, it’s not just the equipment that works for you, it is the experience and the technique which they provide with their services at most reasonable prices. The expert cleaning staff at the company can be of great advantage to removing stains, odor, color fading and other issues with your carpet.

In case you have a carpet which is damaged by the loss of fiber, a professional service can help you in working over it to get it fixed. It is very obvious that there is something special about the services that so many companies are operating in the carpet cleaning business. We may try to get the cleaning job done on our own, but the professionals can help you in saving time and money because they are always ready and equipped for the cleaning job. Just give it a try you can get it proved that the professional cleaning is surely something different.

Some Quick Tips for Growth of Carpet Cleaning Business

The contemporary living style and the home design have a very special place for the carpets. But the busy life and the day to day activities are making it difficult to maintain the new and attractive look of your expensive carpets. The change in living trends and the busy life has not left any time available to maintain the carpets well. Also, the extensive dirt, stains and odor issues with the carpets can only be worked by the professionals. This is the reason a large number of NYC carpet cleaning services are available to those who are in need of them.

Carpet cleaning business is gaining popularity day by day due to emerging need of cleaning services. The modern day houses have a lots of stuff which are used for the aesthetic beauty of the house but are highly prone to the damage or dirt. Moreover, the houses which are having pets or children are generally more subjected to the carpet damage or are in need of assistance on the cleaning. Let us go through some important tips which are necessary to be kept in mind by the carpet cleaning service providers in order to retain customer and ensuring quality services.

carpet cleaning New York

Business promotion is the most important part of the marketing strategy. Thus any new cleaning service or the existing service must focus on delivering the best offers to the customers. The most common practice which is associated with promotion is the content and website management. You must try to work and showcase the content which is highly searched by the people. Pet odor, stained carpets, polluted indoors due to dusty carpets etc. are some important things which are to be kept in mind and necessary to be showcased on website. This would help in getting customer focus and ensuring the easy service options to the clients.

The next important factor is to give away some free stuff to the customers. Most of the people who are looking for a carpet cleaning service or any other product wish to have some free services along with the current service they are availing. Therefore, the service providing company must try to give away some free options for the customers such as cleaning a carpet with free pro suggestions to maintain upholstery. Moreover, the social websites such as facebook, twitter and linkedin can be used to promote the business by giving away discount coupons and offers to the customers. Discount options to the existing customers can be a great idea to make sure the customer is retained.

So if you are thinking of starting a new cleaning service business, then you must go through your website design essentials and customer retaining ideas in order to get better outcomes and profits. The experts such as Soho Rug Cleaning always try to work on all the above defined options giving the most satisfactory service experience to their customers.

Trying To Be A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company This Summer

When you are thinking of hiring a company for carpet cleaning in NYC you will have to deal with a lot of things yourself. If you find yourself struggling with stains this summer, there are a few things that you’ll have to do differently. You will find that the recommended cleaning solutions for winter don’t work anymore. You’ll notice that the grime is thicker and the dust more widespread. So, make sure that you have the following before your preferred crew for carpet cleaning in NYC arrives.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This drug can be found at absolutely any store and it is the solution to a lot of stains like wine, blood, chocolate, candy and soda, berries and even cakes and ice creams. Your hydrogen peroxide solution should be 3% because any higher concentrations than this could harm your carpet and its color.

White Vinegar

Even the company you hired for carpet cleaning in NYC would advise you to go for white vinegar when certain spills happen. Especially for the spills that are alkaline in nature you should simply reach out for white vinegar which is actually a mild acid. This is why it is effective in neutralizing alkaline spills. You can easily remove stubborn stains and smells like pet urine and beer from your precious carpets and rugs.

Rubbing Alcohol

This too is a mild yet very effective cleaning solution. Rubbing alcohol will easily help you dissolve all kinds of oily or waxy residues and components. So if you have anything like asphalt, baby oil or tar, grease and/or waxy makeup in the fibers of your carpets, you can rely on this any time of the day.

Call The Professionals

Is there any doubt about this decision? While you could always rent in or invest in an expensive carpet cleaning machine, there is always a better option you can go for to achieve cleaner and more hygienic carpets. You can always depend on the professional company you called for carpet cleaning in NYC for delivering deeper cleaning. Get your carpets and rugs cleaned at least twice a year so that they are fresh, beautiful and last you longer.

Organic Carpet Cleaning Scams? Time to Get More Clarity

There is no hard and fast rule as to what things should be done and what shouldn’t be done when cleaning your carpets. It is actually a matter of personal needs and the kind of house and interiors you have that will determine the type of organic carpet cleaning in New York City you will require.

Any reputed cleaning service will recommend thorough carpet cleaning about once a year or may be even twice a year depending upon the amount of traffic your house or office receives. Whether you are on a cleaning spree for the season or in the middle of preparations for a big event that the entire neighborhood has been waiting for, there are certain things that you need to get answered before you take even one step further.

Getting Over The Scam Scare
Well, we do often get scared when we are about to hire someone for organic carpet cleaning in New York City because of the abundance of offers. There are so many options and so many names and such a long list of companies that offer identical services that it often gets impossible to strain out the scams from the authentic ones. They all claim to deliver outstanding carpet cleaning services at the most affordable prices but, is there to find out the truth?

Yes, there are 2 things that help you out in this regard. First is the testimonials and reviews of their previous clients and the second is their price quotes and package details. A real and genuine client review is something that cannot be faked and an unrealistically low price quote always spells out something fishy. If you find a glitch in either one of these, it is time to say goodbye to that firm and look for another one. You will see the obvious signs once you go on their official website to check out their consumer reviews and a price that is too good to be true puts the company in the spot to be considered a fraud.

You should remember one thing and go by it no matter what. Quality carpet cleaning in New York City will not come cheap. There is always a fair price that you will have to pay but then in the end you will have peace of mind and obviously a cleaner home and purer air to breathe.

Summer Means Right Time To Get Your Carpets Cleaned

I’m sure you didn’t know that there were any extra health benefits of cleaning your carpets during the summer season. Depending on the kind of weather conditions and the amount of traffic you receive in your home and the heat, humidity, pets and pests, the amount of dust and pollen you have in the air, your carpet cleaning NYC firm will have to come up with a cleaning regime that is ideal for your needs. Not doing this can make a huge impact on your health because it directly affects the air quality in your home. But the good news is that all this can be minimized with regular cleaning of your carpets and rugs.

When you are out there looking for the right carpet cleaning NYC company do you ever consider how much or how hard you snore. Weird question isn’t it? But the answer to it and the relevance of this question will make all the difference in your choice of NYC carpet cleaning firm. Let’s try answering this question instead. Do you see your child’s asthma pick up every now and then? Do you notice how it diminishes over time right after the carpet cleaning New York company you hired leaves your premises? This is because right from vacuuming to washing your carpets and rugs, they are getting your home and fabrics rid of the harmful dust mites and allergens and dirt bit by bit.

Whenever summer approaches, the sun starts to shine brighter and things become much clearer. It is time to break the monotony of the winter and step outside. Don’t be fooled by what your maid said. Your carpet doesn’t “look” dirty, it is dirty. But then this isn’t her job to clean and wash all your carpets unless you hired for this purpose and she very well knows how to operate industrial strength vacuums and cleaners and is well educated about the careful disposal of waste material and complete drying methods used to remove all moisture from your carpets. Phew!

Again, I’ sure she isn’t. So, what keeps you waiting? Summer is here and the bacteria in your carpets and all other soft surfaces such as rugs, upholstery and curtains are slowly becoming active. Yes, the slumber ended not just for you, so do bear in mind that only a professional New York City carpet cleaning company can do the job of keeping your home free of dust, grime and dirt and all air bourn allergies and diseases and infections. Say yes to a dependable NY carpet cleaning company and don’t let allergies and illness dry up your cheer this summer.

Carpet Cleaning Becomes Materialistic

Does use of natural materials in carpets make your flooring designs any more appealing? We are already moving from inorganic to organic carpet cleaning in NYC. Yet another change that we can see is the use of natural fibers over man-made or mass scale manufactured products. Those molds of modern designs that we were once so fond of are no longer welcome in our homes. We have started to feel that our interiors deserve better. The bottom line is by opting for natural and skin friendly carpet fibers and coupling them with methods of organic carpet cleaning in NYC we are ensuring a safer environment and better air quality for our family and loved ones. Some of the most user-friendly and all-time favorite carpet materials are:

NYC carpet material

1. Wool Carpets
Wool, the most common natural fiber is used in both carpets and rugs. It is strong and very resistant to stains. It is also, resistant to pilling, and fire, and also has a coating that causes water from seeping into it too quickly. Despite the fact that small spills usually get deflected by the individual wool fibers, you will still need to employ some tricks of organic carpet cleaning in NYC on these carpets.

2. Seagrass Carpets
Seagrass is smooth. It is anti-static and made from all natural plant fibers. It has tough fibers that are nearly impermeable. This makes it very resistant to stains, dust, dirt, and discoloration. So no matter what kind of carpet cleaning methods you choose, they are going to stay unaffected for long.

3. Jute Carpeting
Jute too is manufactured from a plant and it is most commonly used in making rope and also as a carpet backing material. Its soft surface and texture make it most appropriate for use in low traffic environments. These choices of carpet materials will make a lot of difference in the way you go about organic carpet cleaning in NYC.

Five Myths of Carpet Cleaning

Do you often end up replacing your carpets instead of getting them cleaned? Do you think that availing the services of a New York City carpet cleaning company would be costlier than buying a new carpet? Do you think carpet cleaning is only for the rich and famous in the city because they can actually “afford” it? Well, these are some of the myths associated with carpet cleaning in the city and you are not the only one that believes them to be true.
Here are 5 of the most common myths and misconceptions about New York City carpet cleaning that you just have to stop believing in if you want cleaner and more hygienic carpets and rugs. This is also because if you keep on making these mistakes you may end up reducing the longevity and hampering the beauty of your carpets. So let’s start with:

Dirty Carpet Cleaning NYC

You Should Not Get Your Carpets Cleaned So Often. In Fact, You Should Wait Until Your Carpet Is Completely Dirty and Then Get It Cleaned Once and For All
This is the biggest evil that you could ever put your carpets through. Dirt is abrasive and over time it also causes discoloration because if left unattended it will find the permanent place in the fibers of your carpet. Dry dirt and grime are like sandpaper and every time you step on your carpet it will grind against the carpet fibers, which causes cuts, breaking of fibers, and more wear and tear than usual. Leading New York carpet cleaning experts say that a dirty carpet will never last long. You may also think that vacuuming it on a regular basis will get rid of the problem forever but it only helps so much. This is not going to be enough if you want your carpets to be by your side for years. The longer you wait to get your rugs, upholstery, carpets cleaned, the more damage you are causing them.

Myth #2:
All That New York City Carpet Cleaning Companies Do Is Clean Your Carpets of Dirt and Nothing Else
The air that surrounds us does not only contain dirt and dust but also bacteria, fungus, pollen, air pollution, cigarette smoke, and other fumes and car exhaust and a lot more. As we enter our home after a long day out we bring all this in with us on our skin, clothes, and shoes. These pollutants get transferred from us to our carpets and upholstery and curtains very easily and are enough to make us and our loved ones very ill. Regular carpet and upholstery cleaning does not only get rid of this dirt but all these harmful elements for you, thus making your home much safer and healthier.

Myth #3:
All New York City Carpet Cleaning Methods Are Similar
You could not be further away from the truth because there are numerous ways to clean your carpets including encapsulation, bonnet, and dry foam, and also hot water extraction.

carpet cleaning in New York Clity

Myth #4:
Having the Right Equipment Is Of Paramount Importance and Nothing Else
This is true up to a limit but just having all the right equipment is not the only thing a company needs to clean your carpets properly. Their education, skills, certification and experience matter a lot as well if you want to get the job done properly.

Myth #5:
You Should Hire a New York City Carpet Cleaning Company That Offers Services At The Lowest Price
Remember, you get what you pay for and this applies to the carpet cleaning services in the city as well. Not everything that has a high price tag is going to be effective and not everything that is affordable is going to be the one for you. So, the last thing that you want is to go solely by the price they quote. Confusing? Well, who said carpet cleaning was easy?

Five Best Centrepieces Ideas for your Home

This is the time to celebrate holidays with your family and friends. Christmas is just about to come. So you should decorate your room that gives an elegant look, impress your guest and show your personality. This is the time when you can represent yourself. If you want to spend money then you can convert your room like a palace otherwise you can also follow the DIY projects. For the DIY projects, you can visit Rugs and Beyond. In this article, I am going to tell you how you can create centrepieces in your home.

1) Pumpkin vase: – If you want to make a focal point in your dining room then it is a best DIY idea. Follow the steps and make a beautiful creative vase yourself. You can use a small knife to cut the stem off the top of the pumpkin. After cutting the stem you should use hot glue to secure the block inside. You can use flowers and branches according to your choice or you can use a few tall unclean branches and put it in the center of vase so that it looks little bigger. Once, those branches have been placed then you can use multi-color flowers like orange, pink etc. You can also use grapes and other fruits for decorating it.


2) Wheat cloches: – This seasonal staple makes the right focal point for your holiday table. Take small plant handful of wheat and start tie with a twine, and after that take transparent jars and place wheat plants inside like below image and reverse it with the base. Add candles around it.

3) A beautiful carpet: – Carpet is the most exclusive thing in all home décor accessories. This is the most important accent. You will never find comfort and personalized touch in your home without using a handmade carpet and for winters this is extremely important. This is the perfect time to buy a handmade carpet because at this time many companies give a huge discount on home décor accessories. You can buy beautiful carpet at Rugs and Beyond which is a pioneer in handmade rugs. They sell high-quality carpets and have huge stocks of silk, afghan, wool material. They have carpets in all prices range Place a handmade carpet in your living room and place a transparent table on it. Make sure that the table is transparent otherwise the design of carpet will hide due to the wooden table.

4) Wall hanging: – You can also use a beautiful handmade silk carpet for the wall hanging and create a focal point. It will provide warmth and soft texture to your room.

water damage cleaning NYC

5) Add special card on wall: – This is also a good way to say thanks. You can use hard paper or scrapbook and make card. Attach it on your wall and write best wishes on it. After that add photos around it or you can stick the card in heart shape on the wall. There are so many ways to make your room unique. So follow the above ideas and give surprise to your guest and loved ones.

At the end, if you are looking for carpet cleaning service then Soho Rug Cleaning is the top Carpet Cleaning Company in New York City where you can clean your Carpet in any season.