2 Common Carpet Cleaning Solutions Found At Home

Carpet cleaning is usually not so difficult a task as we make it out to be. It is as simple as calling an expert and reputed company in NYC and just handing them over the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining your carpets and rugs in the most professional manner. Most families go for contemporary carpet cleaning NYC solutions and this blog shows how simple and effective they are in the long run provided you are not allergic or sensitive to mild chemicals. Your carpets, mats, upholstery and area mats can be cleaned thoroughly without any hassles or residue in no time and you get a clean and hygienic home sooner than you think.

You will notice that most of the time any and almost all first aid cleaning solutions for your carpets are readily available in your home. If you are careful enough and pay attention to these ingredients, you can very well create your very own monthly carpet cleaning regime that when applied right away can give you amazing results. You can get rid of any stubborn spills that ruin your carpet fibers. Here are some options for detergent and/or mild chemical-based solutions that might be the perfect match for your requirements:

Detergent Solution

The most common of all is a simple washing powder solution. You can mix and stir either 1 tbsp clear dishwashing liquid or bubbly washing powder with 500 ml of warm water. You can then directly apply this to the spot on the carpet, rub gently yet thoroughly and wipe it clean with a damp cotton cloth. Don’t forget to use enough water to rinse and blot the carpet dry.

Ammonia Mixture

If you are not allergic or sensitive to ammonia, this is the right way to go for you. Start by mixing clear home grade ammonia in about 100 ml of water. Apply this liquid onto the soiled area and neutralize it with a solution of vinegar. Now rinse your carpet well and let it dry completely.