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Preserve The Awesome Quality of Your Rug

SoHo Rug Cleaning can take care of your vulnerable carpets and rugs with their effective Carpet Cleaning services. We ensure that we clean your carpet and rug in such a way that it just looks like a new one. When it comes to our services, then you will get the world-class as well as professional carpet cleaning NYC for just a few bucks. At SoHo, all breathtaking services of your precious rug are accessible at your door, without any delay. So, just make your rug healthier and cozy through our awe-inspiring cleaning amenities offered by our expert and skilled New York Rug Cleaners. We are providing 100% organic carpet cleaning service since 2004 in the New York City area which makes us a trusted name in carpet and rug cleaning.

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Our rug cleaning process is designed to make sure each rug gets the care it needs.

Carpet Cleaning NYC

Step 1 – Inspection

The carpet cleaning pros of Soho Rug Cleaning firstly examine the carpet hassles, understand entails, and then execute the desired process for possible outcomes.

Step 2 – Dusting

We understand the extensive need and benefits of carpet vacuuming and dusting. Each and every edge of carpets are cleaned to remove dust and dirt particles. We understand this and clean every corner of the carpet to make it dust-free.

Step 3 – Cleaning

We make use of advanced cleaning techniques and procedures like steam cleaning and remove the dirt using the latest tools.

Step 4 – Drying

Our drying procedure is capable of removing excess water from the carpets. The process requires 5-8 hours and can vary depending on several factors like fabric type, weather, and more.

Step 5 – Touchup

All the experts at Soho Rug Cleaning aim to retain the appearance, color, and durability of the carpets making minor to major transformations.

Step 6 – Delivery

The process of pickup and delivery is just free and on-time delivery is executed keeping the carpets safe. We are looking forward to serving you for your next Carpet Cleaning service demand.

Exploring Carpet Cleaning in NYC

Carpets are the most essential parts of our home stylistic theme and remain as a cherished memory to us since we put money into the feelings. They not just add style to our living zone yet, in addition, make it feel increasingly good. Despite the fact that finding an ideal carpet for your house is somewhat dubious, a more overwhelming job than this could be taking a shot at the cleaning. This may require a great deal of persistence and skill to deal with efficient carpet care. Therefore, it is always a decent move to have a specialist who could help with the best carpet and rug cleaning NYC services.

  • Proficient Care
  • Organic Products
  • Upholstered Furniture Care
  • Professional Team
  • All day, 24/7 Assistance
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Couch Cleaning
  • Armchair Cleaning
  • Recliner Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning NYC Services

Dirt particles can destroy the texture of your beautiful carpet. It may make it dusty and grimy. If you are also facing the same issue with your carpet, then SoHo Rug Cleaning services in New York City are the right spot for your decor carpet. We are experts in dealing with all kinds of carpets and known with the tag, best carpet cleaning New York City. We assured you that our experts can make it healthier, long-lasting and pleasant for you and your family.

SoHo is an elite name of carpet cleaning in New York City. Our rug cleaning nyc process is straightforward and many professional steps involve in it.

Rug Cleaning Services

Since 2004, SoHo Rug Cleaning NYC Services has been cleaning rugs and carpets in New York. We have set a new standard of rug cleaning services in New York City that is hard to surpass by any local rug cleaning company. To make our services more convenient for you, we have split our rug cleaning NYC into two categories:- Residential Rug Cleaning Services and Commercial Rug Cleaning Services New York City.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Of course, you won’t accept a dull and lustreless upholstered furniture in your home or office. And we also know that it is not possible for you to clean every furniture on a regular basis. So, just forget all your worries about upholstery cleaning, when SoHo Rug Cleaning are there in New York City. We will cut off all your upholstery hassle. We do almost everything, to make your upholstery clean. From shampooing to moisturizing, SoHo upholstery cleaning NYC services use every method to give a new look to your furniture. With refreshing cleaning services nyc, we will deeply clean your furniture.

Pet/Baby Safe Rug Cleaning in New York

Our Rug Cleaning in NYC services are committed to give our clients a fabulous and capable carpet cleaning service at engaged and sensible costs that fulfill you. Since most of our client have children in their home, many of them ask whether our cleaning is secured and health friendly? The proper reaction is yes. We simply use 100 percent organic cleaning techniques that are free of dangerous engineered chemicals and therefore no toxic products will be used in your home. We take pride that our cleaning services are infant and pet safe. #1 Rug Cleaning NYC Company which is Earth-Friendly, Quick & Reliable, Only Use  Organic Products.

Additional Carpet Cleaning NYC Services

We work with the intention to deliver attention to detail when serving customer requirements. We ensure that aesthetics of your home must bloom and therefore we provide complete care for carpet, rug and upholstery with vacuuming, washing, drying and treating the fabrics. Some of the additional services include:

  • Full Room Rug Cleaning NYC
  • Pet Stain and Odor Removal
  • Repair & Restretching
  • Water Damage Repair

We have a team of Trained & Certified Professionals. Therefore, if you are in need of expert assistance, Schedule a visit for carpet inspection. We are a family-owned business therefore we only work on the care that helps foster relationships. Learn More About Carpet Cleaning NYC by dialing the number or filling a simple form.



This company is very reliable and reasonably priced. I was helping a friend get ready for a party and noticed how bad her rug was looking. We looked online and found this company and decided to try them. Well the rug looks great and was really priced good to clean. I am so glad she decided to have it cleaned. It made her place look so much better and was so worth it.
Debi Blair

Our Features

  • Organic Cleaning Solutions
  • Fine Area Rug Care
  • On-Site Upholstery Cleaning Services
  • Free Pick up & Delivery of any Area Rug
  • Same Day & Emergency after hours Service to fit your busy schedule

Why Choose Us

Obviously, nobody would like to have those pesky stains on their carpets and accumulation of dust and dirt in the carpet fibers. Your search will end here if you are looking for the qualitative and reputable Rug Cleaning NYC services. We are the company that not only makes commitments but also persists on it as well. At Soho Rug Cleaning, you need not invest a lot to get your carpets and rugs look marvelous and squeaky clean. We use 100% organic and eco-friendly cleaning products that leave the rooms elegant and amused. We keep the pricing at its best providing the hassle-free customer support, quality cleaning, and healthy home to live in. Also, when it comes to emergency cleaning needs, our experts are always ready to be at your doorsteps. We have a team of Trained & Certified Professionals. Therefore, if you are in need of expert assistance, Schedule a visit for carpet inspection. We are a family-owned business therefore we only work on the care that helps foster relationships. All in all, the aim of cleaning professionals is to assure top-notch cleaning and genuine services meeting the 100% customer satisfaction.

Why Reach Our Carpet Cleaning in NYC?

At Soho Rug Cleaning in NYC, We understand that every customer has a different issue when it comes to carpet cleaning. Therefore, we only aim for cleaning services that can prove to be the best fit for your carpet after the analysis of your carpet such as targeting heavily-soiled areas of carpet. Our cleaning experts prefer the highly-effective carpet cleaning techniques to get rid of the dust and ground-in dirt in the area rug and carpet that may or may not be visible to you.

We offer you the finest Carpet Cleaning in NYC because customer’s satisfaction is our prime priority. We only have advanced products and practices that runs under the authenticity of IICRC. Our professionals holds huge experience in rug and carpet cleaning services. They can efficiently work over Stretching & Repair, Rug Cleaning, Pet Odor Removal, and Drapery service.

Advantages Of Our Rug & Carpet Cleaning Services

When you get your area rug and carpets clean with natural items, we ensure that any damaging chemical should to be kept out of your home. It implies you don’t need to worry about the pet or kids who may unintentionally interact with harmful chemicals. Clearly, when you get a quality cleaning service with natural items, why you should sit idle searching for professional cleaning services.

Our services include Area Rugs cleaning with use of Non-Toxic products. Call Now For A Free Estimate!

Providing The Most Reasonable Services

Despite the fact that it is important to keep the carpet clean to guarantee a sound home, it is a superior decision to approach an expert who could help you with the errand of carpet cleaning.

The greater part of the population think that it’s exceptionally hard to bargain on account of the pricing when you get expert cleaning which is extremely helpful and reasonable alternative.

There are many carpet cleaning businesses out there who share a cost for cleaning which may not be the equal to the service. Going the carpet cleaning course with a carpet cleaner rental may tempt, anyway all things considered you may need to invest a great deal of investment to keep your floor covers looking new, along these lines it is best to give the movement to capable carpet cleaners.

Moreover, the usage of the most dynamic tech and apparatus, our natural Carpet Cleaning in NYC offers the genuine rates in the whole City. If you are hunting down the best carpet cleaning that doesn’t void your wallet, our carpet cleaning NYC service is a go-to alternative.

Other than offering you the most sensible costs, we give the best carpet cleaning care in New York City. With over 14 years of association in the carpet cleaning industry, you are guaranteed that you get the best carpet cleaning at the most moderate rate.

Notwithstanding whether you are hunting down a steam cleaning or complete carpet cleaning, Soho rug Cleaning is continually here to help.


SoHo Rug Cleaning: Your Trusted Partner for Professional Carpet Cleaning NYC

Welcome to SoHo Rugs Cleaning, your leading provider of top-quality carpet cleaning NYC services in New York, NY. We’ve built our reputation as NYC’s carpet cleaner of choice, providing exceptional cleaning solutions to residential and commercial clients throughout the city.

Why Choose Us For Carpet Cleaning NYC

Superior Cleaning Process:

Our cleaning process begins with thoroughly examining your carpets and identifying high-traffic areas and tough stains. We use a combination of steam cleaning and hot water extraction methods to deeply penetrate carpet fibers, removing dirt and allergens trapped deep within.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning:

We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly carpet cleaning in NYC. We use organic carpet cleaning products that are safe for the environment and your home, ensuring no harmful chemicals are left behind.

Wide Range of Services:

We don’t just clean carpets. Our professionals offer comprehensive cleaning services, including upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning, and office cleaning. We can handle everything from a simple rug repair to deep carpet cleaning of your entire home or business.

Same-day Carpet Cleaning:

We understand that our clients lead busy lives. That’s why we offer same-day carpet cleaning in NYC. Simply contact us, and we’ll do an amazing job getting your carpets cleaned in no time.

Our Services

Residential Carpet Cleanin

Trust our team of professional NYC carpet cleaners to keep your home carpets clean and fresh. We’re skilled in removing all the stains, pet odor, and foot traffic dirt from your carpets. Our residential carpet cleaning service is not only thorough but also pet-friendly.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A clean office or commercial space is essential for your business. Our commercial carpet cleaning services are designed to handle the unique challenges of cleaning high-traffic areas in businesses, providing a clean, healthy environment for your employees and customers.

Upholstery and Area Rug Cleaning

Don’t let dirty upholstery or area rugs ruin the look of your home or office. Our experts are experienced in cleaning all types of fabrics and rugs, restoring them to their original beauty.

Carpet Stain and Odor Removal

Say goodbye to stubborn stains and unpleasant odors with our carpet odor removal and carpet stain removal services NY. We use advanced cleaning solutions to effectively remove stains and odors from your carpets.

Pet-friendly carpet cleaning

Worried about your kids and pets during cleaning? We use only 100% natural cleaning methods that are safe and healthy. No harmful chemicals, only organic products! SoHo Rugs Cleaning is the top Rug Cleaning NYC company that’s fast, reliable, and eco-friendly.

Additional Cleaning Services

SoHo Rug Cleaning isn’t just about carpets. We provide a range of extra services to keep your home looking great. We cover everything from a full room rug cleaning in NYC to dealing with pet stains and odors, repairing, restretching, and even fixing water damage. Trust us for all your cleaning NYC needs!

The SoHo Rugs Cleaning Process: A Step-by-Step Overview

We take pride in our comprehensive same-day carpet cleaning NYC process. We believe that a thorough and meticulous approach ensures the best results for our customers. Here’s a breakdown of how we clean your rugs and carpets:

STEP 1 – Detailed Inspection

Our professional carpet cleaning process begins with an in-depth inspection. The carpet cleaning pros at SoHo Rugs Cleaning carefully examine the carpet to identify any hassles. We aim to understand your carpet specific entails before executing the appropriate cleaning method. This approach allows us to achieve optimal results tailored to your carpet’s unique needs.

STEP 2 – Thorough Dusting

Next, we focus on dusting and vacuuming. We understand the extensive benefits of this step, as removing loose dust and dirt particles is crucial for the deep carpet cleaning that follows. Our team meticulously cleans every corner and edge of the carpet, ensuring no spot is left untouched.

STEP 3 – Advanced Cleaning

Our team then proceeds with the cleaning process, making use of advanced techniques like steam cleaning. Utilizing the latest tools and cleaning solutions, we remove embedded dirt and stubborn stains, leaving your carpet looking and smelling fresh.

STEP 4 – Efficient Drying

Once the cleaning process is complete, we carry out our efficient drying procedure. This step is designed to remove excess water from the carpet, ensuring it’s not overly damp. The duration of this process can vary depending on several factors, such as fabric type and weather conditions, but typically takes between 5-8 hours.

STEP 5 – Expert Touchup

Our experts conduct a final touchup to ensure the longevity and appearance of your carpets. We aim to retain the color and durability of your carpets, making minor to major transformations as necessary. From treating tough stains to addressing high-traffic areas, we leave your carpet looking it’s very best.

STEP 6 – Prompt Delivery

Finally, we offer a convenient pickup and delivery service for your carpets, completely free of charge. We guarantee on-time delivery, ensuring your carpets are returned to you safe and sound.

The SoHo Promise

We believe in delivering not just a service but an experience. From our free pickup and delivery to the final inspection, our professional service team is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Our goal is to offer the most reliable cleaning services at a reasonable price. This commitment to quality and value has made us a trusted name in NYC carpet cleaning.

Call Us Today!

Ready to experience the SoHo difference? Give us a call today for a free estimate of your professional carpet cleaning cost. Let our team of professional carpet cleaners provide you with the best carpet cleaning service in New York, NY.

With us, you’re not just getting carpet cleaning NYC; you’re getting the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve chosen the best in the business. We look forward to serving you!

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Why Carpet Cleaning Services Are Required?

Professional carpet cleaning NYC companies extend the life span of the carpets keeping the dust and dirt away from ruining the fabrics. Also, the organic cleaning products of carpets do not lead to any health hassles and make the home environment as clean and fresh as possible.

What Method Do You Use For Carpet Cleaning NYC process?

The method we use for quality cleaning of carpets is steam cleaning. This process removes the toughest dust, dirt, and those pesky stains easily and effectively. All the specially formulated cleaning solutions with hot water are injected into the carpet fibers to extract all the dust allergens and bacterias.