Carpet Cleaning Services


Dirt particles can destroy the texture of your beautiful carpet. It may make it dusty and grimy. If you are also facing the same issue with your carpet, then SoHo Rug Cleaning services in New York City are the right spot for your decor carpet. We are expertise in dealing with all kinds of carpets and known with the tag, best carpet cleaning New York City. We assured you that our experts can make it healthier, long-lasting and pleasant for you and your family.

SoHo is an elite name of carpet cleaning NYC. Our cleaning process is straightforward and many professional steps involve in it. These steps are:-

1. Inspection:-

Before starting carpet cleaning, SoHo experts primarily do a thorough inspection of carpet. Its issues, needs, the cleaning process and desired result, everything is discussed with you.

2. Vacuuming:-

Initially, our experts vacuum the floor covering to expel the dry soil from the carpet. During vacuuming, each and every edge of the carpet is vacuumed properly. In simple words, vacuuming must be done thoroughly.

3. Pre-Treatment For Spots:-

After vacuuming, all the stains and spots are pre-treated. In this, organic spots like food stains, pet accidents, and other similar stains are identified. An organic solution is poured on it and left it to settle down.

4. Cleaning:-

Now, it‘s time to clean the carpet. For cleaning, we only use the steam cleaning. Cleaning will extract the dirt which is hard to remove through vacuuming.

5. Drying:-

All the excessive water of the cleaning process is successfully removed through the drying process. Generally, this process takes 5-8 hours to dry a carpet, but this time, span can increase or decrease according to various external factors.

6. Touchup:-

Sometimes your carpet requires additional features in an artistic way, so our experts can do this. From minor to major transform, we can do all for your precious carpet.